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Vallarta Rentals is made up of a group of young and dynamic professionals with years of experience in the hospitality and property management industry worldwide. Collectively we speak 5 languages and have studied and worked in Asia, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, and Mexico with companies of the highest caliber learning not only how to meet the needs of the most demanding and discerning clientele, but also how to manage different cultures and the wide spectrum of expectations that the different market segments have.
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Vallarta Rentals provides absolutely the best service I have ever experienced in 20 years of travelling to Mexico. I have used them twice in the last year and Daniela and her team are fantastic!

Me quede en Peninsula en Vallarta y en La Serenata en Punta Mita con Vallarta Rentals. Me encanto que siempre dan las mejores opciones y servicio. Gracias Mariana por todo tu ayuda!

I rented with Vallarta Rentals last Summer and had a great vacation !!!!

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