Drifting Seas

Get up close and personal with some of the largest, strangest, and most curious creatures in the world.  Join naturalist, marine life photographer and Punta de Mita resident, Ty, as she introduces you to the secrets of Mexico's marine life.  Off

Whale Watching (Dec-Mar)

Cruise the bay along side of glorious Humpback whales and observe theircomplex behaviors up close and personal...  Dramatic displays ofstrength and agility by desperate males lauching their 50 ton bodiesinto the air...  Intimate moments with mother and calf pairs as femalesnurse and teach their newborns,...  Intense groups of males involved inaggressive competitions for available females...  charming play sessionsof calves as they awkwardly practice the movements and displays thatthey will need for feeding and social interaction...  spine tinglingsounds of male humpbacks sounding their hauntingly beautiful matingsongs...  Add some turtle and dolphins sightings along with a few othersurprises...  More that you ever expected!

Island Snorkel Safari

A morning excursion to the MarietasIslands is the ultimate marinesafari chalked full of adventure and marine life encounters...  Watchfor whales, dolphins and sun-bathing turtles on the 15 minute ride tothe Islands...  Snorkel the island's reefs in search of stunning eaglerays, gregarious schools of tropical fish, wildly bizarre invertebrates,and more....  Swim and walk through its plethora of volcanictunnels...  Find hidden beaches...  Feel the spray from its massivespouting blowholes...  Exchange glances with some of the world’s rarestmarine birds...  All this and some wild surprises along the way!

Wildlife Expedition

This snorkel and safari tour is the ultimate excursion for deep downanimal lovers and adventure seekers.  Be ready for whatever the oceandelivers... anything could happen including opportunities to measureyourself up against giant pacific manta rays over offshore reefmounts...  coast the currents with ancient sea turtles... slide into themasses of offshore dolphins as they rocket past...  encounter Bryde'swhales, Humpback whales, Orcas, and other massive marine mammals... find schools of game fish feeding on huge bait balls...  For the seaworthy experienced boaters and/or snorkelers, this trip is THE trip!

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My husband, myself and my son went on a private excursion with Ty on Feb. 16 for whale watching and some snorkeling. It was a fantastic experience! Ty is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to whales and their lifestyles and habits. She is in sync with her surroundings and obviously has a great love of the whales and other sea life that she interacts with. She was able to increase our knowledge of whales tenfold and on top of that, she took some extraordinary pictures of our adventure. At no time did she make us feel like our questions were silly or unwelcome. I cannot recommend strongly enough the value of taking a whale watching trip with Ty. It is worth every penny and then some for what you will get in return. She is amazing!

Best whale watching trip ever! Ty and boat captain Chuy did a phenomenal job getting our group out in the ocean to see moms, calves and suitors - all active and giving us some great shows. We also learned so much about the whales. Thank you Ty for a wonderful, memorable day!

Whale watching with Ty was the highlight of our trip to Punta Mita! She is a pleasure!

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