Useful Spanish when Eating Out

Yo quiero _______. I would like ________.
... una cerveza ... a beer
... una margarita con/sin sal ... a margarita with/without salt
... un vaso de agua/una botella de agua ... a glass of water/bottle of water
... tacos de pollo/carne asada ... chicken/grilled beef tacos
caliente hot
frio cold
muy picante very spicy
sin picante without (hot) spice
sin mucho picante not too spicy
me enchilé The hot spice hit me
batido mixed, blended
Cuanto cuesta? How much does it cost?
Podria pasar su baño? May I use your bathroom?

Useful Spanish for Shopping

comprar to buy
las compras shopping
la tienda store
el mercado market

tienda de abarrotes

corner store
cuanto cuesta?
how much does it cost?
regatear to bargain
hecho en Mexico
made in Mexico
hecho a mano
made by hand
el cambio change
tipo de cambio exchange rate
el precio the price
caro/a expensive
barato/a inexpensive
artesania arts & crafts
Donde puedo comprar __________? Where can I buy __________?
comida food/groceries
ropa clothing
camisa shirt
camiseta T-shirt
pantalon pants
falda skirt
vestido dress
joyeria jewelry
collar necklace
aretes earings
pulsera bracelet
anillo ring
escultura sculpture
obra de arte work of art
pintura painting
muebles furniture

Spanish to help you Get Around

Donde esta ________?

Where is ________?

... el restaurante/café/bar ... the restaurant/coffee shop/bar
... el baño de damas/caballeros ... the ladies/mens restroom
... la parada de camion/parada de taxi ... the bus stop/taxi stand
en la esquina at the corner
a dos/tres/cuatro cuadras in two/three/four blocks
a la isquierda to the left
a la derecha to the right
derecho straight ahead
luego, luego (very local term for) up ahead

Basic Spanish

Por favor Please
Gracias Thank you.
Buenos dias Good morning.
Buenas tardes Good afternoon.
Buenas noches Good evening/night.
Como esta usted? How are you? (formal)
Como estas? How are you? (informal)
Muy bien, gracias. Very well, thank you.
Como se llama usted? What is your name? (formal)
Como te llamas? What is your name? (informal)
Yo me llamo ________. My name is ________.
Estoy ________. I am _________.
Que hora es? What time is it?
Es la una. Its one o'clock.
Son las _______. (for plural numbers) The time is ________?
... dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis ... two, three, four, five, six
... siete, ocho, nueve, diez, once, doce ... seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve
... y medio ... and a half
... cuatro quince ... and a quarter
... casi las __ ... almost __ o'clock
Estas ________? Are you _________?
... cansado/a ... tired
... tarde ... late
... quemado/a del sol ... sun burned (masculine/feminine)
... dormido ... sleepy
... feliz ... happy
... triste ... sad
... enojado/a ... mad (masc/fem)
Tengo hambre./Tienes hambre? I'm hungry./Are you hungry?
Tengo sed./Tienes sed? I'm thirsty./Are you thirsty?
Quién/Qué/Cuando/Donde/Por que?

"Muy Mexicano" Local Slang

Mande? What?
(when you didn't hear what was said)
Que onda? What's up?
Simon! Yeah!
Chela Beer
Pedo/a Drunk (masculine/feminine)
(litorally "fart", much like using the australian term "pissed")
Crudo/a Hung over (masc/fem)
Chido! Cool!
Buena onda Good vibe.
Vale Dude/Man
(very regional term used amongst friends in a casual situation)
Chamba work (n.)
Güero/a (pronounced "Wedo")
light skinned (adj.)(used as a noun to refer to a light skinned person as a term of endearment, ej. "el Guero" or "la guerita)
Chaparro/a short in height (adj.)
*Chingón! Cool/Killer!
*Güey (pronounced "way") Dude/Man
(literally "bull with no balls". Depending on the relationship of the speaker and subject, it can be derogartory, indifferent, or a term of endearment)
*A huevo! of course
(litorally "by the balls")
* These words/phrases have a foundation in double meaning or swear words and can be inappropriate unless used in the proper context and occasion. Use with care.

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